Why Should You Choose Professional Teeth Whitening at The Dentist?

Why Should You Choose Professional Teeth Whitening at The Dentist?

October 1, 2022

Many factors go into choosing the best teeth whitening option for you. For instance, it is crucial to check the whitening agent’s level and effectiveness.

There are professional and at-home whitening kits can remove the stains, but they differ in effectiveness and procedure. Knowing how the two to differ is crucial before choosing a teeth whitening near you.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening improves the color and makes the teeth look brighter, whiter, and smoother. The treatment can be done with either in-office or at-home treatments.

  • Professional teeth whitening near you is bleaching your teeth to make them lighter. The process is usually done by a dentist, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. He will apply a protective gel and the whitening agent to your teeth, and a special light is used to activate the gel. This light breaks down the stains on your teeth, making them lighter. In-office teeth whitening is usually more expensive than at-home teeth whitening kits, but it is also more effective.
  • At-home whitening products come in different types, including toothpaste, rinses, and gels. However, it is important to note that the bleaching agents used in at-home teeth whitening kits are much weaker than those used by dentists, and as a result, they are less effective. In addition, at-home teeth whitening kits can cause tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. For these reasons, it’s best to leave teeth whitening to the professionals.

Why Should You Choose Professional Teeth Whitening Over Cosmetic Bleaching Products?

  • It is safer

Dentists use quality products and materials in their office settings, which means they have access to the latest technology regarding whitening procedures; this ensures that all patients receive safe results every time! You don’t want any unnecessary risks involved with using inappropriate products on your oral health; this could lead to serious complications like infections or even permanent damage within hours after using them (or worse yet—a lifetime). It is crucial to ask your dentist for more information and how many visits you need. At times you may need multiple visits if you have severe discoloration.

  • It is more effective.

While at-home treatments can be effective, they don’t always work as well as they could. This is because they contain a weaker bleaching agent, and it takes longer for the treatment to be effective.

Dentists have more control over their bleaching agents’ strength and can ensure that your teeth are getting the right amount for you. They also have access to faster-acting products that will make your results quicker than those found in an at-home kit.

What are the Teeth Bleaching Side Effects?

Temporary tooth sensitivity is the primary side effect. This occurs when the whitening agent comes into contact with the nerves in your teeth, causing them to become irritated. This sensitivity is transient and only lasts for a few days. You may also experience gum irritation and dry mouth, but they clear with time. However, if these side effects persist, stop whitening your teeth and see your dentist in Chantilly, VA.

How Long Do Teeth Whitening Results Last?

The teeth bleaching results can last for several months, but this will vary depending on the method used and the individual’s lifestyle. For example, people who smoke or drink coffee may find that their results do not last as long as those who do not.

However, several things can keep your teeth white for longer. Avoid taking foods with strong pigmentation that can stain your teeth, such as coffee, tea, and red wine. Additionally, maintain proper dental hygiene because of plaque buildup. The plaque buildup can cause the teeth to appear yellow or stained. You can also clean your teeth regularly with whitening toothpaste. In addition, a number of whitening solutions, like take-home kits, can help maintain the results. These kits are designed by the dentist and are customized to your dental needs.

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