Why Should I Feel Confident about Invisalign Treatment?

Why Should I Feel Confident about Invisalign Treatment?

April 1, 2023

Invisalign clear braces help fix problems with your bite, spacing, and other dental flaws affecting your teeth. Invisalign is an alternative to traditional orthodontics and is also helpful for resolving these issues and achieving success for over a century with metal brackets, wires, and bands.

Suppose you fear traditional orthodontics for the ungainly appearance of the appliances they provide. In that case, Invisalign is a suitable alternative for you to correct most problems with your teeth using invisible clear aligners that inconspicuously sit on your teeth and allow you to continue orthodontic treatment to fix the issues affecting you.

When considering alternative orthodontics, you might wonder if you should be confident about the treatment promoted as an effective and comfortable orthodontic therapy to straighten teeth. We want to dispel your concerns and instill confidence in you on why you can choose Invisalign over conventional braces and have the beautiful teeth you desire in six or 18 months. Did we surprise you with the information about straightening your teeth faster than traditional braces? We are not pulling your leg but giving you a reality you will find genuine if you qualify for Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign aligners are fabricated after the dentist in Chantilly, VA, captures images of your teeth and mouth for the manufacturers to manufacture a series of aligners for your entire treatment. The aligners are virtually invisible because dental grade clear plastic helps make them remain indistinguishable on your teeth even when wearing them. Besides the above, you can continue your treatment with Invisalign aligners over your teeth by enjoying the benefits of these transparent braces unavailable with traditional orthodontics.

How Does Invisalign Instill Confidence in You?

Removable Aligners

The most significant aspect of Invisalign treatment is that you don’t need braces over your teeth throughout the day and night. In contrast, you must keep the braces on your teeth for a minimum of 22 hours daily because they apply constant pressure to move them into appropriate positions. In addition, you must change the aligners every fortnight for a new batch delivered to you by Invisalign for teeth straightening. The latest set you receive prevents visits to orthodontists for adjustments because Invisalign braces merely need replacement and not tightening.


Invisalign braces are convenient because they don’t restrict you from having the foods you love during your treatment. The removable feature of the aligners requires you to remove them whenever you eat or drink before replacing them in your mouth. However, the aligners restrict you from having any foods or beverages with them in your mouth for fear of staining them because the clear plastic is prone to staining.

Dental Hygiene Maintenance

Invisalign requires you to clean your teeth after every meal or beverage, indicating that you can brush your teeth soon after having meals or drinks before replacing the aligners over your teeth to continue your treatment. In addition, you must also clean the aligners to ensure no food particles and plaque are trapped in them to victimize you with dental infections.


Invisalign near you offers a comfortable treatment to straighten teeth with mild to moderate imperfections by wearing virtually invisible braces instead of metal brackets and wires mounted on your teeth. The removable feature of the aligners makes it comfortable to keep yourself nourished during your treatment and maintain excellent dental hygiene by brushing and flossing as your dentist recommends.

It would help if you also visited the Chantilly provider every couple of months to have them monitor your progress and provide any advice that helps make Invisalign treatment even more comfortable. They also emphasize not removing the aligners from your teeth for over 22 hours daily because it can compromise and delay your treatment. Therefore it helps if you keep the braces for the stipulated hours on your teeth daily if you desire to achieve results faster than conventional orthodontics.

Invisalign aligners offer you all the comfort you need with the convenience to straighten your teeth and get rid of problems like mild to moderate underbites, overbites, cross bites, open bites, spacing, crowding, and crooked teeth with virtually invisible braces that merely require you to adhere to the provider’s instructions. After investing in a treatment to have straighter teeth to complement a beautiful smile, you will confidently keep Invisalign braces over your teeth to complete the treatment as soon as possible.

Invisalign braces eliminate the problem of brushing and flossing that accompany traditional orthodontics to ensure your dental health isn’t impacted when receiving orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth. In addition, it also delivers the results you desire at a speed faster than traditional orthodontics. Therefore you should feel confident about Invisalign treatment because it keeps your mouth healthy without the risks of infections while also preventing conditions affecting your mouth because of your imperfect teeth.

If you desire to straighten teeth without the burden of metal brackets and wires, Chantilly Dental Arts Center is an excellent place to visit to achieve your goal. Please arrange an appointment with them today to assess whether you qualify for Invisalign treatment and get your teeth straightened confidently with this convenient and comfortable therapy within 6 to 18 months.