Which Option Is Best for Replacing Missing Teeth in Your Mouth?

Which Option Is Best for Replacing Missing Teeth in Your Mouth?

October 1, 2021

Have you lost a tooth or teeth in the anterior or posterior region of your mouth? You may search for restorative dentistry options to have the missing tooth or teeth replaced. While you are on the right path and considering replacing your teeth as soon as possible, have you decided which option you want to have as replacements?

Unlike in the past when tooth replacement solutions were available with dentures, things have changed dramatically over the last few decades, making it possible for you to have better and more reliable replacement solutions than earlier. That said, we don’t intend to call dentures unreliable as they are time-tested and have served people’s needs for over a century. However, it is time to evolve as dentistry technology has, and you must look for alternatives to dentures that are also available.

Replacing your missing teeth is a wise choice because you reduce the risk of consequences that will soon befall you if you leave the missing tooth untreated. The remaining teeth in your mouth begin shifting towards the vacant space resulting in a bad bite. In addition, the shifting of your teeth allows bacteria and food particles to remain trapped between them, resulting in the problem of tooth decay and gum disease.

Besides the above, you encounter challenges when eating and speaking, and your face begins sagging because your jaw muscles begin to resorb. Therefore if you have decided to replace the missing teeth, you have acted wisely and prevented many issues from bothering you.

What Are the Options Available for Replacing Missing Teeth?

Currently, you can replace the missing teeth with three options available for this purpose. The first is the ever-present dentures still available as advanced and beautiful looking artificial replacements for natural teeth. If you are unsure whether dentures are the best option on the market, you can consider dental bridges or dental implants as replacements for the missing teeth.

If you lost a tooth from the aesthetic zone, you could consider a dental implant a standalone application made from titanium embedded surgically into your jawbone to function as an artificial tooth root. After successfully embedding the implant and recovery, your dentist places a natural-looking and feeling dental crown over the implant to serve as your artificial tooth.

On the other hand, if you do not want to go through a surgical process requiring many months of healing, you can consider a fixed dental bridge front teeth you can have in about three weeks from your dentist. You can even consider removable dental bridges dentists provide as replacements for your natural teeth. However, if you are unsure about dentures that are also removable, would you express confidence in removable dental bridges over fixed dental bridges in the anterior region of your mouth? We are confident you will prefer the latter and consider having this replacement option for your missing tooth.

Which Replacement Option Is Best Suited for Your Specific Needs?

Teeth replacement solutions do not follow the one size fits all theory. Therefore you must have your mouth and remaining teeth evaluated by your dentist before you decide on any option to replace the missing tooth. For example, if you intend to have a fixed dental bridge for front teeth, you must have two healthy adjacent teeth neighboring the gap left by the missing tooth.

If you prefer a more reliable option with dental implants, you must have a healthy jawbone. In addition, you must prepare yourself to undergo the surgical process and recovery time taking six to nine months before you can get a replacement tooth in your mouth.

If you do not want to undergo any procedures required by dental bridges or implants, dentures are your best option because you merely need to provide impressions of your teeth and mouth to a prosthodontist to customize your dental restoration in a few weeks. However, you must prepare yourself to visit the prosthodontist multiple times to provide impressions and check fittings before you eventually have the artificial teeth you want.

The discussion with your dentist will help you determine which option is best suited for your circumstance. For example, information that dental implants are the best and dental bridges are also similar may confuse you to think dentures are not suitable tooth replacement solutions for you. However, you must consider several factors mentioned in this article before you feel any option for replacing teeth is better than the other. Most importantly, consider your specific situation before arriving at any decision and adhere to your dentist’s suggestions for best results.