If you start to experience tooth pain and infection, it’s time to visit our dentist near you. Endodontic treatments are designed to address and fix any oral health concerns and restore the health of your teeth.

What is Endodontics?

Endodontics takes a closer look at the inside of your teeth. Inside the enamel of your tooth, there lies the nerve. The nerve is a soft tissue that can become infected after wear and tear. These infections can cause serious health risks and can impact not just your oral health but also your entire well-being.

Endodontics in Chantilly can treat and stop these infections in their tracks. These procedures can help save your tooth and your oral health in the process. Infections move fast, so it’s crucial to find a dentist in Chantilly as soon as you notice any symptoms! When you come into Chantilly Dental Arts Center, we can provide that quick and efficient remedy.

When someone comes in with an infected tooth, we first remove the infection from the tooth’s pulp chamber. The pulp chamber is where the nerve and soft tissues are inside your tooth. As decay happens, the infection can set into these sensitive areas, which is why they’ll need to be removed.

To do so, local anesthesia is typically applied so you won’t feel a thing while we work to restore the health of your tooth and mouth.

Once numbed, a small hole is made inside the infected tooth so that the infection can be safely drawn out. After it’s been removed, a compound is applied to the inside of the tooth. Doing so prevents the infection from coming back while also restoring the tooth so that you can continue to use it.

How Chantilly Dental Arts Center Can Help

Finding endodontics near you is a matter of finding a general dentist that you can trust and rely on to pick up on tooth decay and infection problems when it first starts.

Here at Chantilly Dental Arts, we can provide you with checkups that catch these problems before they have a chance to fester. We will perform any necessary procedures to eliminate the infection. Our dentist will provide you with aftercare instructions to prevent it from happening again in the future.

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