Dental Sealants

Looking for ways to protect your family from cavities? Dental sealants can help! This preventive dentistry option provides you and your loved ones with the protection needed for healthier teeth. If you need dental sealants near you, call Chantilly Dental Arts Center to schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable dentists in Chantilly, VA.

We accept both adult and children patients, so don’t hesitate to make appointments for your entire family. Thanks to dental sealants, you can have the assurance that your kids’ teeth stay strong and healthy.

For safe, effective sealants in Chantilly, VA, contact Chantilly Dental Arts Center today. We have friendly and caring dentists near you who want the best for your family. We will happily schedule you to be seen so that you can get the protection you need to fight cavities.

What Is It?

Sealants are a preventive procedure that helps you fight cavities from forming on your teeth. During your visit, our experienced dentists start by cleaning your teeth and removing all debris and bacteria. This is followed up with an application of a special liquid coating.

This liquid coating hardens very quickly, making a protective barrier on your teeth. With your dental sealants in place, you no longer have to fear getting cavities. When you maintain your normal brushing and flossing, you can look forward to your sealants providing protection for several years.

In rare cases, dental sealants can chip off or break. If this occurs, all you have to do is come in for another application to ensure that your teeth remain protected.

Who Needs Sealants?

Your teeth have small grooves and pits where bacteria and debris love to hide and accumulate. These grooves and pits are so small, in fact, that brushing and flossing can’t always keep them clean. This is even more problematic for children due to the small size of their teeth.

Thankfully, sealants seal up these grooves and pits, making it impossible for any buildup to occur. If you want to keep your family’s teeth safe and protected, dental sealants are an effective option for adults and children 5 and up.

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