Dental Fillings

Cavities in your teeth can lead to severe pain or infection if they aren’t addressed in a timely fashion.

Thankfully, they are easy to remedy with fillings, allowing you to return to the foods you love without fear of discomfort. If you’re interested in finding fillings near you, please call Chantilly Dental Arts Center so we can provide you with our safe and effective fillings in Chantilly, VA.

When you choose us for your dental care, you’re getting friendly and knowledgeable dentists near you who specialize in preventive treatment. We accept both children and adults, so feel free to bring in your entire family for all of your dental needs.

If you are ready to see our dentists in Chantilly, VA, contact our office so we can schedule appointments for you and your loved ones.

What Is It?

Fillings are needed when your teeth develop cavities. To treat a cavity, our dentists clean your affected tooth of all bacteria and decay. This is followed by a special compound that is used to fill in the cavity area.

We do this to ensure that your tooth’s nerve ending doesn’t get exposed and cause you discomfort or pain. Once the filling is in place, our dentists smooth it out and polish it to ensure that your tooth functions properly.

There are many filling options to choose from, ranging from silver amalgam to composite resin. We can closely match your filling with your natural tooth color to provide your teeth with a seamless appearance.

Who Needs Fillings?

Anyone with cavities or tooth decay should seek dental attention immediately. The sooner the cavity is filled by our dentists, the better chance you have of avoiding pain and infection.

Fillings are a fast and effective treatment option that can be performed in just a few minutes. If you have several cavities that need to be filled, we may have you come back for a second visit to ensure your comfort.

Don’t delay in getting your cavities treated. Call Chantilly Dental Arts Center so we can provide you the care you need for safer and healthier teeth.

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