Dental Bonding

You don’t have to be embarrassed by your damaged or chipped teeth any longer. Thanks to dental bonding, you can enjoy a healthy, complete smile that lasts. This safe and effective treatment option restores your smile to its original beauty, leaving you with attractive teeth that you’ll be proud to show off.

If you’re ready to find dental bonding near you, contact Chantilly Dental Arts Center today, where we offer gorgeous dental bonding in Chantilly, VA and the surrounding areas. When you visit us, you have access to friendly and knowledgeable dentists near you who specialize in restoring smiles.

To meet our dentists in Chantilly, VA, call the experts at Chantilly Dental Arts Center so we can improve your quality of life with dental bonding.

What Is It?

Bonding is a special dental procedure that uses durable and long-lasting composite resin to reshape your teeth that have become broken, chipped, or decayed. During your visit, our dentists apply the composite resin as a pliable compound that is easy to work with.

Once they have molded the desired shape, UV lighting is used to harden the resin. After hardening is complete, our dentists will smooth out the resin and polish it, leaving you with a complete, natural-looking tooth. With proper brushing and flossing, your new composite tooth can last a decade or even longer!

Dental bonding is a relatively simple and quick procedure that takes just 30 to 60 minutes per tooth. Our dentists make sure that the composite resin closely matches your real tooth color so that your smile looks seamless and natural.

Who Needs Bonding?

There are many reasons our patients choose this cosmetic treatment option. Below are some of the most common uses for dental bonding.

  • Add strength to a tooth that has weakened
  • Rebuild a tooth that has become worn
  • Fill in a space or gap between teeth
  • Brighten a dull, stained tooth
  • Reshape a broken tooth

Don’t let your damaged or broken teeth keep you from smiling. Call Chantilly Dental Arts Center so we can schedule you for a consultation and help you obtain the smile of your dreams!

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