5 Reasons Why You Might Choose Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

5 Reasons Why You Might Choose Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

November 8, 2021

The shape of teeth plays an important role in enhancing one’s smile. Several people suffer because of the poor shape of teeth and always live with low confidence and self-esteem. As dentistry has solutions for every dental issue, there are different techniques available for the straightening of teeth. Braces are the traditional treatment available for the straightening of teeth.

It not only enhances the beauty of the face but also indulges confidence and charm in one’s personality. Other than braces, Invisalign is also available to correct the positioning of teeth inside your mouth. Both the treatments are available easily and are considered perfect to have your teeth’ shape corrected.

Both the treatments are beneficial and provide advantages to the patients. But after the arrival of Invisalign invisible braces, people prefer to go for them for many reasons.

Reasons Why You Should Go for Invisalign Over Braces

Below are the reasons to choose Invisalign;

  1. Removable
  • When it comes to traditional braces, they are quite uncomfortable inside your mouth and can’t be removed as per your wish. It’s because they may indulge in the treatment and can make your teeth loosen up. However, Invisalign can be removed as per your choice.
  • It becomes quite difficult when it comes to eating with braces. You have no other choice than to do everything with them. Invisalign comes with removable plastic aligners and can be removed at the time while having food.

     2. Safety from Oral Infections

  • When you install braces inside your mouth, you can’t remove them as per your wish because the process is too long. When it comes to proper cleaning with braces inside, it is not possible.
  • No doubt, the treatment will help you to straighten your teeth. But besides this, there could be oral infections and other dental issues. Plus, braces involve a bit of pain.
  • On the other hand, if it comes to Invisalign, they are removable and have no pain involved. This may be the reason why people prefer to go for it.
  • They ensure safety against oral infections. Although it serves the same purpose, the choice of adoption depends on the individual’s preference.

    3. Invisible or Less Noticeable

  • This is the major difference you have noticed because there is a huge number of people who don’t prefer braces because of their visibility. It brings a kind of embarrassment, especially for youngsters.
  • Braces in childhood are considered okay. But in later ages, it brings a sort of awkwardness. On a similar note, if we talk about Invisalign they are invisible. People barely notice them, which saves people from embarrassment and boosts their morale in public.
  • Apart from this, when you wear braces they cause trouble in speaking, smiling, and eating. Invisalign is free from all these issues. In short, we can say that Invisalign is more comfortable than braces.

   4. Cost Associated

  • Cost is an important factor while choosing any dental treatment. Braces are traditional and have less cost value associated. Invisalign is a modern treatment and provides higher comfort. So, the cost related to them is higher.
  • But it is worth it when compared to the facilities one gets. You can take an Invisalign consultation near you before moving ahead with the treatment.

   5. Freedom and Time-Saving

  • Braces are a long treatment, which takes months to complete. It involves going to the dentists again and again. But in the case of Invisalign, they take fewer sittings.
  • If we talk about discomfort, pain, and problems associated with braces they are more in numbers while compared with Invisalign. Plus, the freedom associated with Invisalign is also more.
  • It’s because the aligners can be removed before eating something and also be removed to clean. There are fewer chances for the formation of bacteria and dental problems in the case of Invisalign because of their removable properties.

   6. Amazing Results

  • No doubt, one can get results with braces. But when compared to Invisalign, there are fewer problems and discomfort associated. When it comes to the output, they are incredible.
  • Both the treatments are commendable and are result-oriented. But choosing one of them depends on the individual’s comfort and personal choice.

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